GEOSCIENCE, PLLP. Geotechnical Engineering & Geology


GEOSCIENCE provides geotechnical engineering and engineering geological services for a wide variety of infrastructure, industrial, commercial, and residential projects. We specialize in geotechnical field investigations and geological site characterization in diverse and complex geologic terrain in the Rocky Mountain region ranging from the expanse of the eastern range front to the mountainous western interior. We have a solid background and strong experience in providing geotechnical and geological consulting services for infrastructure projects including bridges, dams, highways, railroads, and utility lines; industrial facilities including power plants and mines; and commercial and residential site development such as resorts, subdivision, and high-end homes.

We offer the following professional services:

  • Geotechnical Engineering For Foundations, Embankments, and Earth Structures
  • Geological Hazards Evaluation and Risk Assessment For Development Planning
  • Landslide Evaluation, Site Characterization, and Slope Stabilization Design
  • Forensic Geotechnical Studies
  • Evaluation Of Earthquake Ground Motion, Seismicity, and Liquefaction Potential
  • Geologic Mapping and Topographic Surveying
  • Construction Observation and Field Testing
  • Seismic Refraction and Vibration Monitoring
  • Load Capacity Testing
  • Hydrogeology and Groundwater Studies